Septic Pumping for Murphys, CA

Welcome to When seeking a reliable septic tank pumping service in Murphys, CA you need look no further.

Although your personal onsite wastewater treatment system requires very little maintenance, an effective tank pumping schedule depends on your household practices and septic system design. Attention paid to the septic tank cleaning and inspection process today will help avoid tank and drainfield problems in the future.

How Often Should I Pump My Septic Tank?

Besides "Where is the tank buried?", the question most often asked by those suddenly considering life with a septic waste treatment system is “How often should I pump it?”

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Aerobic Septic Treatment – The Alternative

In the previous article the function of a standard anaerobic (without air) septic system was discussed. An alternative to the standard anaerobic septic system gaining popularity with homeowners, business owners and environmental agencies are the aerobic (with air) septic treatment systems.

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Featured Vendor for Septic Pumping in Murphys

Featured Vendor for septic pumping in Murphys